About Me


Hi and welcome to makepipingeasy.com

My name is Rehan Ahmad Khan, I’m a graduate in mechanical engineering and happened to be a piping professional. This blog will act as the technical source for the working piping engineers and will be boon for the freshers.

I’m thrilled you’re here because we are a lot alike, you and me. We are both trying to make a better life by following the “learn and grow” formula.

At the start of my career, I’ve worked in the automotive aftermarket field and later headed off to the piping industry. I’m glad to enter this industry, and I’m very indulged with the learning and broadness this industry provides, which impelled me to start this platform.

What this Website will take you through..?

  • Basics of Piping Engineering and Design
  • How to use 3D Design Software
  • Concept of Piping Layout, Stress Analysis, and Piping Materials
  • How to use CAESAR for Stress Analysis
  • Uses of Piping Components and Special Parts
  • Interview Questions and Answers
  • Oil & Gas News