Introduction to Non-metallic Piping

Although metallic piping is widely used today, nonmetallic piping has its own importance, In addition to traditional materials, mankind now has new combinations of nonmetallic piping materials to choose from.

Pipe buoyancy

Pipeline Buoyancy: an Overview

Pipeline buoyancy must be considered anytime there is a possibility that pipe flotation could occur or be ready for dramatic damages to the pipeline. Although, it’s a simple calculation but an important aspect.

external floating-roof-tank

Use of Floating and Fixed Roof Tanks

Floating roof tanks are generally used to store volatile liquids to minimize the loss of the stored liquid product. Whereas, fixed roof tanks are generally used in refineries to store the product that does not readily vaporize at ambient or stored temperature conditions.

Pipe Expansion Loop

A Presentation on Expansion Loops

Expansion loops are one of the most effective ways to increase the flexibility in the piping system. The stress is generated in the pipelines due to thermal expansion or contraction and it can be damped by the arms of the loops mounted vertically to the mainline.

Pipeline Bend

How to Find Minimum Radius of Pipeline Bends

A pipeline has to be routed in such a manner as to avoid any potential weak link, due to its potentially large movement. Bends are the most common weak links of the pipelines. If a bend used in a pipeline is not properly designed, the large bulging movement…