Olets Fittings: A Complete Guide

Olets Fittings are also known as (Self Reinforced Forged Fittings, Outlet Fittings, and Branch Connection Fittings). Olets fittings provide a branch connection between the header or run pipe and to the branch or outlet pipe.


A Presentation on Pipe Insulation

Piping Insulation is a protective layer placed on the outsides of the piping system. It provides a barrier between the flowing fluid of a pipe and the outside environment.


A Presentation on Pipe Stress Analysis

Pipe stress analysis is a critical part of piping design, As any failure in the piping system can cause to the unpredictable results. Piping stress analysis is a combination of art and science.

Checklist Piping Isometric

Checklist For Piping Isometric Drawing

Any error in the piping isometric drawing can lead to the cost and delay to the project. This article includes a typical isometric drawing checklist to sort out this problem.