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Latest Release of CAESAR II Saves Time & Money on Piping Projects

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Hexagon has announced the release of CAESAR II Version-12, the industry-standard software for pipe stress analysis. The new version introduces a number of improvements to efficiently build, assess and report on piping systems in accordance with more than 35 international piping codes and standards and many environmental and equipment guidelines.

Pipe Stress Analysis on CAESAR II

The following improvements have been made:

  • Now, CAESAR II v12 is ready to support the latest editions of ASME B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, and Canadian Z662.
  • Say goodbye to the unnecessary base material impact testing, and save time and money on your piping projects. The new feature for minimum design metal temperature can help to determine that whether the impact test is required or not.
  • The new B31.8 Buckling calculator is added to the Piping Input Toolbar Environment Menu. This new feature conveniently helps the pipe stress engineer in calculating the strain value to find buckling and lateral instability values for a pipe element in-accordance with B31.8-2018.
  • It includes content enhancements for a 5th spring hanger range.
  • The addition of the AISC 2017 structural data.
  • Updated Russian material database.
  • Functional enhancements incorporate improvements to the Advanced PCF import, the AFT IMPULSE import, and a re-designed friction convergence algorithm improving performance.
  • A comprehensive library of major international piping codes
  • Ease of use in areas such as EN-1591 Flanges module.
  • Optimization of graphics
  • Improvement in double click operation and many more.
  • Cloud hosting, the new licensing technology allows you to work from anywhere with an internet connection, also supports license checkout for offline use.
  • CAESAR II version-12 includes all the tools needed to perform static or dynamic analysis in one environment.

Ready to upgrade your pipe stress analysis? You can talk to one of the experts from Hexagon.

Click here to watch an Overview video on CAESAR II v12 that shows how you will save time and money on your piping projects.

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